Over the past decade, micro-computed tomography (microCT) has made its way from a novel and rather scarce technology to a commonly used imaging method in many fields and is applied nowadays in the whole range from very specialized research and development applications to highly automated quality control applications. The obvious advantages of the technology are on the one hand the non-destructive imaging of an object in three dimensions and on the other hand the quantitative analysis of the image data.
However, beside these objective and rational reasons to use microCT, we think that the technology has also the potential to touch people on a personal level. Looking into objects without having to break them apart is an intriguing thing and somehow just “cool”. Most of you that already performed microCT measurements would probably agree that each scan of an object is rousing curiosity of how the object will look like inside.
Based on our enthusiasm for microCT, we created this blog to connect with others using this technology. We strongly belief that the need for high-resolution, three-dimensional imaging is still growing and that connecting to and sharing information with a community will be beneficial. We work to make this place the microCT meeting point. If you find it useful, make it even more interesting by posting your comments!
Thank you.

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  1. Craig Chavez

    Hi Micro-CT world, I am conducting bone research at a university and having trouble finding a place that provides use of their own micro-CT machine. Are there any resources that can help me find one?

  2. Vince Shotton


    I work for a manufacturer of dental equipment. We currently have a MicroCT machine that we are looking to sell. The machine is a Harmony 90DH-P2-5M made by DRGEM. It is about 6 years old now and runs good with no issues. Please contact me if you have interest and we can discuss further.

    The items to be sold include: Scanner, Reconstruction Software, 2 Workstations, and 2 monitors

    Thank you,

  3. Lindsey P. Mateo

    We would like to ask you to add please us to the list of universities with microCT… We have a Skyscan 1172 model and we are doing a lot of research in dental fields.
    Thank you

    1. Martin

      Hi Lindsey

      Please make a post on the microCT world map site with institute name, address and short description.

      Best regards

  4. chris weston

    I would like to bring my website to the communities attention.
    I can supply sample holders made from cellulose tubes and expanded polystyrene .
    Primarily for Skyscan instruments ,I would be happy to supply modified chucks for other makers.
    Contact me through the website
    I can supply a pdf detailing sizes and prices


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