Who are the microCT scanner manufacturers?


Maybe it is not as common and cheap as buying a microwave oven, but probably there are some of you who have thought about purchasing a microCT scanner, right?

Your questions: “Who are the scanner manufacturers?”, “Should I buy a scanner?”,  “What scanner ?”. This post will point you towards the information you need to make up your mind.

At the end the decision whether the investment is worthwhile depends on many things. What do you want to use microCT for? How often? Do you know how to operate a scanner? Do you have the right resources? And many more….

Here you will find:

1. The link to useful infos on products, manufacturers, etc.: please, be aware that the information may not be complete and is provided in good faith to the best of our knowledge. If there is something missing or not accurate, please let us know it by writing a comment or contacting us at info@microctworld.net.

2. The help of other readers who already went through this process, us included. To make this happening, ask a question or share your experience by posting a comment.

You may also be interested in the microCT world map page.

So here we start filling the list! Manufacturers are in alphabetical order:

Bioscan (See Trifoil Imaging)

Perkin Elmer (Caliper LifeSciences)

1 in-vivo system (Quantum GX)

Carestream (Acquired by Bruker on Sept. 21 2012, read more)

1 combi system (Albira)

CT imaging

1 in-vivo scanner (Tomoscope Synergy)


1 ex-vivo scanner (HeliScan microCT)

Gamma Medica (see Trifoil Imaging)

GE Measurement and Control Solutions

3 ex-vivo scanners (Phoenix nanotom s, Phoenix nanotom mv|tome|x s)

Hitachi Aloka Medical

1 in-vivo scanner (LaTheta LCT-200 Series)

inviscan imaging systems

1 in-vivo scanner (IRIS PET/CT)


4 multimodality systems (nanoScan SPECT/CT, nanScan PET/CT, nanoScan SPECT/MRI, nanoScan PET/MRI)


2 multimodality systems (U-SPECT & U-SPECT/CTVECTor & VECTor/CT)

1 in-vivo system (U-CT)

Optical/x-ray CT, Optical/PET/SPECT/CT, Optical/SPECT/CT, Optical/PET/CT

vertical CT and vertical Nuclear/Ct for plant and soil imaging

NanoFocus Ray

1 in-vivo scanner (NFR Polaris G90)

Nikon Metrology

5 ex-vivo scanner (MCT 225 HAMCT 225, XT H 225, XT H 225/320 LC, XT H 450)

North Star Imaging (XviewCT)

6 ex-vivo scanners (ImagiX CT, X25-CT, X50-CTX500-CT, X5000-CT, eXpress-CT)

Precision X-Ray

1 integrated system (X-RAD225Cx)


1 in-vivo scanner (X3DCT)

RX Solutions

3 ex-vivo scanners (UltraTom, EasyTom, DeskTom)


2 ex-vivo scanners (nano3DX, CT Lab)

Scanco Medical

4 in-vivo scanners (vivaCT 40, vivaCT 75, vivaCT 80XtremeCT)

4 ex-vivo scanners (µCT 35, µCT 40, µCT 50µCT 100)


2 combi systems (SuperArgus PET/CT, Super Argus PET/MRI)

Skyscan (now Bruker microCT)

2 in-vivo scanner (SkyScan1176SkyScan1278)

6 ex-vivo scanners (SkyScan1172, Skyscan1272 SkyScan1173, SkyScan1174 , SkyScan2011Skyscan 2211, Skyscan 1294)

Toshiba IT & Control Systems Corporation

1 ex-vivo scanner (Toscaner 30000-µhd)

Trifoil Imaging

2 in-vivo scanners (eXplore CT120, Triumph II XOCT)

Werth Messtechnik

4 ex-vivo scanners (Tomoscope 200, Tomoscope HV Compact, Tomocheck 200, Tomoscope HV 500, Tomoscope HV 800)

Zeiss (former Xradia )

5 ex-vivo scanners (520 Versa, 510 Versa, 410 Versa, 800 Ultra, 810 Ultra)


1 in-vivo scanner (SARRP)

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34 thoughts on “Who are the microCT scanner manufacturers?

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  2. Enrico
    Post author

    Gamma Medica has been added to the list and scanners have been added to GE Healthcare.
    I have been suggested that Gamma Medica now sells the preclinical imaging solutions that were previously sold by GE Healthcare. However, this information needs to be confirmed. Post your comment here if you can help clarifying.

    1. Suresh Prajapati

      hey Enrico,
      from what I have heard, GE is longer taking care of the microCT business. everything has been handed over to Gamma Medica, including the servicing. Hope this info helps.


    2. Enrico
      Post author

      I have received confirmation from the General Manager – Pre-Clinical Imaging at GE Healthcare that “GE and Gamma Medica have consolidated their partnership. Gamma Medica will be bringing these products directly to market in the future and all inquiries should go to Gamma Medica”. Thus, GE Healthcare has been removed from the list and all scanners have been added to Gamma Medica. Thanks for the help, also from the Preclinical Imaging Group on LinkedIn.

  3. Domokos Mathe

    Hi Enrico,
    A couple of significant changes in industry:
    1. Mediso starts own distribution of own brand:
    Mediso nanoScan(r), with totally new high level CT technology.
    2. Gamma Medica has filed for Chapter 11 meaning they went bankrupt.
    3. Bruker acquired Carestream’s preclinical product line, including the licenses to sell Spanish producer OncoVision’s CT-containing Albira product line.

  4. Arun T

    Enrico.. good work on the CT manufacturers. I just wanted to update that “SkyScan1178” is an InVivo scanner and not an ExVivo scanner.


    1. Enrico
      Post author

      Thank you Arun, I have corrected this. Sorry for the long time it took to publish your comment and for taking action on this.

  5. Lynn Sponholz

    You missed another one. Xstrahl produces a piece of equipment SARRP which combines a cone beam CT with irradiation, providing researchers the opportunity to do IGRT, not just imaging.

    1. Enrico
      Post author

      Lynn, I could not find a link to the official product page (when searching for it I get prompted that the site may harm my computer). Reading some scattered info on other sites indicated that this may not be a microCT system. Could you please clarify and provide additional information? Thanks

      1. Lynn Sponholz

        Hi, Eric!
        We have solved our website issues, so you should be able to verify anything you need to add us to your list. Our SARRP equipment has been around since 2010, providing a biologist friendly platform for preclinical imaging, in addition to pinpoint radiation treatment. Please take a run through our website, I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

  6. Enrico
    Post author

    The list has now been refreshed with the latest information.

    This post was started almost two years ago and in the meantime new products have been released, other discontinued, company acquisitions have happened, and web-links have changed. If you spot any mistake or would like to add your contribution, please leave a comment. Thanks!

  7. Michael Rule

    Hi – Gamma Medica and BioScan are now Trifoil (http://www.trifoilimaging.com/). Xstrahl will be marketing Sedecal’s microCT in the US & Canada, in addition to their SAARP platform. Caliper Life Sciences has been taken up by Perkin Elmer.

  8. Rus Emerick

    MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Laser Design, Inc., a global provider of 3D scanning systems and services, announced a partnership with Rx Solutions of France for North American distribution of the Rx Solutions DeskTom CT 3D Scanner.

    The DeskTom system is designed to address the rapidly-growing market for 3D metrology and non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions. Rx Solutions teamed up with LDI because of LDI’s extensive experience marketing and supporting high-accuracy 3D scanning solutions.
    Laser Design utilizes Volume Graphics software for post processing CT samples, allowing structural analysis of materials, porosity analyses, and fiber orientation determination, along with complete dimensional inspection and definitions.

    In addition to sales of the Rx Solutions DeskTom scanner, LDI offers 3D scanning services to customers worldwide using the DeskTom system.

    For more information, contact Laser Design, Inc. by calling 952-884-9648 or by visiting http://www.laserdesign.com

  9. Dina

    Hey dear all, would you know of a platform where I, as a CT-newbie, with an impending grant deadline could get advice as to which device would be best suited for our research?

    1. Chad Baber


      A lot depends on that question. What is the scope of work? Materials you’ll be measuring? Size? What is your uncertainty budget? What is the volume of work (quantity of parts)?



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