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The microCT world community map

Find out who’s doing what in microCT, or let the world know what you do!

There is now a dedicated microCT world community map page on the blog! Check it out to navigate through the microCT community. You’ll find scanner manufacturers, service providers, research labs, and more. Please, consider this as a living document that will take some time to be populated. If you are a professional who wants to be listed on the map, drop a comment on the dedicated page. Only companies / institutes / individuals who explicitly ask to be listed on the map will be included.

I hope you’ll find the map a useful tool and would be happy to receive any suggestion you may have.


ESB 2011, 4-9 Sept, Dublin

The European Society for Biomaterials (ESB) is a non-profit scientific society whose main objective is to encourage progress in the field of biomaterials in all its aspects, including research, teaching and clinical applications, as well as to foster any other related activity (www.esbiomaterials.eu).

The 24th European Conference on Biomaterials will be held during September 4-9, in Dublin, Ireland (http://www.esb2011.org/). Comment on this post to highlight interesting talks at the conference, or meet other blog subscribers.