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Bruker Announces Acquisition of SkyScan

Bruker Announces Acquisition of SkyScan, a Leading Provider of Micro-CT Systems for 3D X-Ray Imaging in Materials Research and Preclinical Studies.

Source: http://www.bruker.com/pr120402.html

ANTWERP, Belgium  –  April 2, 2012  –  Bruker Corporation today announced that it has acquired all of the shares of SkyScan N.V., a scientific instruments company located near Antwerp, Belgium.  Financial details were not disclosed.  For the remainder for 2012, the acquisition of SkyScan is expected to add approximately $13 million to Bruker’s revenue and to be accretive to EPS by about $0.01.  SkyScan’s revenue is derived approximately 50% from materials science and 50% from life science and preclinical imaging applications.

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Trabecular Thickness (Tb.Th), Trabecular Spacing (Tb.Sp), Trabecular Number (Tb.N)

This post is part of a tutorial series on morphometric indices. You may also be interested in Bone Volume Density (BV/TV) – Light Version, Choose The Right Volume Of Interest – Light Version and The surface of an object. Bone surface (BS) and specific bone surface (BS/BV) posts.

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The costs of a microCT scan

MicroCT is a very powerful technology, though it does not come for free.

When running a project, either in academic or industry settings, we are always faced with budget restrictions. The challenge is getting the most out of the money we invest.

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Who are the microCT scanner manufacturers?


Maybe it is not as common and cheap as buying a microwave oven, but probably there are some of you who have thought about purchasing a microCT scanner, right?

Your questions: “Who are the scanner manufacturers?”, “Should I buy a scanner?”,  “What scanner ?”. This post will point you towards the information you need to make up your mind.

At the end the decision whether the investment is worthwhile depends on many things. What do you want to use microCT for? How often? Do you know how to operate a scanner? Do you have the right resources? And many more….

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Choose the right Volume Of Interest – Light version

Brothers Mario and Luigi are at the restaurant and both order a glass of water. The waiter serves Mario a full glass, whereas poor Luigi only gets it half full. “hey, waiter!” Luigi starts complaining…until the garçon makes him innocently notice that his glass is double as big as Mario’s one, and that he poured the exact same quantity of water into the two glasses. Happy and reassured, Mario and Luigi continue talking about their fantastic adventures…

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ASBMR 2011,16-20 Sept, San Diego

The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR) is a professional, scientific and medical society established to bring together clinical and experimental scientists involved in the study of bone and mineral metabolism (www.asbmr.org).

The 33rd annual meeting of the ASBMR will be held during September 16-20, in San Diego, California, USA.